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Community Involvement

At Boyer’s we are committed to giving back to the communities that we serve. Since our first store opened in 1949 we have been actively involved in many charitable organizations throughout the area.

Donation Requests

If your non-profit group or community organization is interested in a donation for your cause or event, please make a request through our online donation request application. Please submit requests one month prior to your event

We receive many requests and cannot respond directly to all of them - once you submit your request, if your donation is approved, you will be contacted by someone from our corporate office, or the store location nearest you. Follow up calls and emails are not necessary. Most donation requests will be honored in the form of a Boyer’s Gift Card.

Unfortunately there are some requests for donations that Boyer's Food Markets will not be able to accommodate. Those include:

  • Direct requests for individuals in financial distress

  • Political or labor organizations

  • Advertising in yearbooks, sports programs event performances

  • Individuals seeking donations for trips or other personal sponsorships

  • Requests for donations outside of our service or store location marketing area

Helping Customers

Donation Request Form Click Here

Donation Requests


Solicitation Requests

While it is our goal to help as many organizations as possible, and provide a place for community organizations to sell and/or solicit, we must also be mindful to the needs of our customers that do not want to be solicited on a regular basis while they are at our stores to purchase groceries.

The following are our guidelines for non-profit group solicitations at our stores:
  • Requests to solicit should be made to the local Store Manager.

  • Stores are limited to 2 group solicitation events per week, with a maximum 4 hour event.

  • Individual groups are not permitted more than 1 event per week or 2 per month, based on calendar availability.

  • Group/Organization must be non-profit, and must service the local store location marketing area.

  • Individuals seeking solicitations for trips or other personal sponsorships are not permitted.

The following types of solicitation are NOT permitted:
  • "Canning" or other "direct requests" for money

  • Baked Good Sales

The following types of solicitation ARE permitted:
  • Raffle Tickets/Event Tickets

  • Sales of Organization Wares

  • Girl Scout Cookies

  • Collection Bins/Donation Canisters for items for non-profit organizations are permitted for a limited time frame not to exceed 1 month and no more than 1 collection bin and 1 donation canister permitted at any time.

Boyer's provides many additional ways for groups to raise money and earn funds:

Caring & Sharing 1% Rebate Program

Your group can earn a rebate of 1% on all of your group members' purchases.
No Receipts to Save, No Receipts to Add Up! Just Benefits for your group.

Here's how it works:

  1. Boyer's will provide each group with scannable cards, which can be carried on a key ring by each group member.

  2. Present the key tag to the cashier, who will then scan it and ring up their order.

  3. Boyer's will electronically accumulate all of the group members' purchases.

  4. Boyer's will then rebate each group 1% of the total purchases (excluding tax, milk, and cigarettes). Rebates are issued twice per year.

There is no limit to the amount of money an organization can earn. This money can be used for anything your group needs: computers, uniforms, supplies. We just want to be able to provide you with something for all the support you provide to Boyer's, and now it's even easier to join by completing our enrollment form.

Caring and Sharing

Enroll Now Click Here

Caring & Sharing Enrollment



Boyer’s offers a variety of fundraising packages for your group organization to raise money!
It’s quick, it’s easy and the best part is, there are no upfront costs!

Cake     Pizza   Cake

Caring/Sharing Scrip Gift Card Program

Caring and Sharing

Churches and Schools can purchase gift cards in bulk, with a 5% face value discount. These cards are then sold at face value with the 5% profit going to the school and church. Contact your local store customer service center for details.

Boyers Caring & Sharing Gift Card