Did You Know
That if you need a special cut of meat - all you need to do is ask!
The state of Texas has over 450 ghost towns?
George Washington was the only president who was elected unanimously?
Baskin Robbins once made ketchup flavored ice cream?
Every email you send to us on our "contact us" page gets sent directly to the president of Boyer’s?
A complex series of tunnels runs beneath Walt Disney World?
They have square watermelons in Japan because they stack better?
You can order and customize your party and dessert trays here on our website?
The rotation of the earth will eventually slow down to match the moon?
If a cow laughs real hard milk comes out of her nose - just seeing if you’re paying attention?
Holy sheep - Falkland Islands has 350 sheep for each person?
Boyer’s can customize cakes for your needs... Just ask!
90% of the rubbish in the ocean is plastic?
Our Pick 4 for $10 deli program is self service to help you shop faster?
Refried beans are only fried once?
All Mrs. B’s Approved Recipes are made fresh in our stores?
President George W. Bush was once a cheerleader?
Mars has the tallest mountain in the Solar System?
Boyer’s has Swiss Premium milk gallons and half gallons at the lowest prices allowed everyday!
When you see the Mrs. B’s Approved logo you are getting quality at a great price?
American Greetings greeting cards are buy one get one free everyday!!!
Our company mission is to exceed your expectations every time you shop our stores?
On average, Boyer’s has over 7000 items on sale each week?
You can build your shopping list online right here on our website?
The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses?
In 1938 the first U.S. minimum wage was 25 cents per hour?
Betta fish can breathe air?
The word facetiously contains all 5 vowels and "y" in alphabetical order?
Our Pick 5 Meat deal gives you 5 days of meat for less than $20?
If there are more than three people in line at checkout we will open another register?
You can buy gift cards for many national restaurants, and other stores at Boyer’s?
Boyer’s has 17 locations in PA to serve you?
None of our grocery stores have stop lights for you to wait at... so you can get in faster?
One out of every 8 letters you read is "e"?
Did You Know

Remember the days of the local corner grocery store, the one that the staff knew you by name? Well those days aren't forgotten at Boyer's, the home of quality Red Shirt Service.

Boyer's Food Markets, Inc. operates supermarket locations all throughout Northeastern, PA. In 1949, Boyer's was founded with a corner store in Orwigsburg, PA by the late Harold S. Boyer. Since 1949, the company has grown from that corner store, to a full service Supermarket, meeting and exceeding the needs of today's consumer.

Boyer's provides service to local communities with convenient, easy to shop store layouts, superior product selection that caters to the customers we serve in each market, and unparalleled community support for the local town's schools, churches, groups and charities. The backbone of Boyer's is its teammates, and "Red Shirt Service". What is "Red Shirt Service"? It is simply the best customer service found in retailing today!!! Stop by a local Boyer's Food Market and experience how Boyer's "Makes you feel so good"!

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301 South Warren Street
Orwigsburg, Pa. 17961
Phone: 570-366-1477
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